1951 Catalogue
A.B.C. Nichols – white with hint of pink and orange at base of petals
A.B. Franklin – compact upright blush white, very free
Adolphe Rousseau – large dark lustrous red shaded maroon showing some yellow stamens in center
Albert Crousse – large light rise pink with a creamy tone, rose like center
Alex D. Vories – oval petals of dull American Beauty red shaded lighter at tips
Alice Harding – sweet, flesh-pink and creamy white
Alsace-Lorraine – ivory
Andy – good double dark red
Anna Sass – cup shaped pink, very choice
Auguste Dessert – intesnsely pink with silvery border
Auten’s Pride – light pink with lavender shades
Avalanche – waxy, bluish-white
Aviateur Lindberg – a red not yet in general commerce
Ball O’ Cotton – strong stemed compact white ball with crisp textured rose like center
Baroness Schroeder – very large pale flesh-tinted cream, fine cut flower
Betty Blossom – globular white tinted yellow unusual
Biebrich – rose, flat blossoms opening soft pink, strong stem, sturdy
Brand’s Magnificent – large crimson with purple cast
Captain Kid – rich red
Cherry Hill – maroon
Chestine Gowdy – light rose
Chic – very early red
Chippewa – glorious black red, one of the choicest in this dark color
Coral  Isle – semi double a different peony color
Cornelia Shaylor –pale rose with darker compact rose-like center, glossy foliage
Couronne D’ Or – milky white
David Harum – clear light crimson smooth texture
Denise – soft flesh-white with center flecked crimson
Doris – cup-shaped fresh pink
Duchesse de Nemours – cup-shaped white, erect stem, strong grower
Edulis Superba - bright old rose pink, the most fragrant pink
Edwin C. Shaw - light old rose - one we like
E.J. Shaylor - rose dark rose pink with petals tipped lilac, good stems
El Capitan - larg elight red semi-double showing some purple
Elisa - cup shaped carmine-hydrangea pink shaded silvery salmon, good stem
Elizabeth Huntington - large pale pink
Elsa Sass - white with light salmon flush in center
Elwood Pleas - flat flowers, crinkled petals in light flesh-pink
Eugenie Verdier - rose pink
FAnny Crosby - one of hte few yellows, pink guard petals
Felix Crousse - brilliant crimson with silky luster, excellent cut flower
Festiva Maxima - very large white, crimson flecks
Fireplace -very dark red, medium size, slightly lighter at tip of petals
Florist Delight - choice new red from Murwaska
Francis Willard - pale pink changing to purest white
Francois Rousseau - rich crimson with dark silky sheen, rose-bud center
Franke Curtis - extremely large stiff stemmed pure white
Franklin's Pride - prize winning even toned pink
Georgiana Shaylor - rose pink popular
Golden Dawn - ivory-white to sulphur, one of the few yellows
Grace Loomis - large, white with faint lemon tints
Grace Ott - compact dark crimson
Grover Cleveland - crimson
Harry L. Richardson - bright crimson
Helen Hays - deep pink bomb type, new and very fine
Henry Avery - light pink with collar of creamy petals tinted yellow at base, good stems
Hermione L. - light pink
Inspector Lavergne - crimson, frilled petals
Jeannot - pale, rose pink
Jessie Shaylor - bluish-white with few yellow stamens
John M. Good - pink to ivory white
Jubilee - narrow petaled white with greenish tinge
June Day - light rose pink
Karl Rosenfield - bery bright crimson
Katherine Havemeyer - rose light rose-pink with tine of old rose
Kelway's Glorious - very large whtie with creamy suffusion
Kelway's Queen - rose, bright rose pink with few red flakes
Lady Alexandra Duff - cluster type, pale blush-pink with yellow stamens mixed with few petals in center
Lady Orchid - light orchid pink, another fine one from Bigger
La France - clear light pink with crimson splashes on outer petals, strong stem
Lake O' Silver - soft rose-pink silver tipped suggesting white-edged waves upon a lake
La Lorraine - one of the finest whites for show or garden, cream white tinted pink
La Perle - spice, globular light old rose pink with center flaked red
Laura Dessert - cream to lae lemon - one of the few yellows
Le Cygne - white tinged ivory becoming pure white without markings as it develops
Lillian Gumm - very large ruffled deep even colored rose pink stiff stems good foliage
Longellow - dwarf crimson, one finer fadeless
Lora Dexheimer - crimson
Louis Joliet - choice deep red, very free blooming
Madame Emile Debatne - fine pink
Marie Jacquin - pale pink beconing white with creamy tones, semi double, the water-lily peony
Marie Lemoine - lemon white
Mars - top notch new white
Martha Bulloch - very large bright old rose pink, light green narrow foliage
Mary Brand - large clear crimson strong stems and good foliage
Mathilda Lewis - dark maroon virgorous grower
Milton Hill - light shell pink
Minnie Shaylor - light pink with crepe-llike petals, with saucer like form
Mme. de Verneville - white
Mme. Jules Dessert - flesh white free blooming
Mons Jules Elie - light rose pink very, very large
Mons Martin Cahuzac - large maroon crimson with silky black luster
Mrs. A.B. Franklin - compact pure white tops in form
Mrs. A.M. Brand - fine white good substance
Mrs. Edward Harding - chrysanthemum like white forming large clusters
Mrs. Frank Beach - cream white, very large
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt - an award winner in soft rose
Mrs. John M. Lewis - dark red
Myrtle Gengry - tea rose white flusehed flesh and salmon
New Era - pure white Mons Jules Elie, like a giant white mum
Nick Shaylor - deep flesh pink
Nina Secor - pure white with yellow glow in depths
Onandago - one of the best new reds from Murwaska
Philippe Rivoire - rose one of the few fragrant reds
Phyllis Kelway - large rose pink, cupped form loose formed petals, very free
President F.D. Roosevelt - full rose type in dark pink
President Wilson - spice, bright rose pink, fine foliage
Primevere - sulphur yellow, stock very scarce
Prince of Darkness - very dark red
Queen Victoria - favorite white
Rachel - rose pink
Raoul Dessert - rose mauve shaded carmine-pink
Red Bird - old rose red, free blooming
Reine Hortense - rose pink
Richard Carvel - large bright crimson, good stems and foliage
River Mist - ivory white with petals edged carmine
Rosalie - Ameicadn Beauty rose shade
Rose Shaylor - pale flesh
Sarah Bernhardt - large dark rose pink, few center petals, red edged, strong stems, good foliage
Shawnee Chief - new top notch red - good cut flower
Solange - cream white with suffusion of buff and salmon-pink
Souv. de General Gallieni - rare mottled lilac pink, unusual
Souv. de Louis Bigot - vivid rose pink strong stemmed
Tempest - semi double red
Therese - old rose pink
To Kalon - pure white overlaid gold and siler, semi dwarf
Tourangeile - pale cream-white with a tan sufusion in depths
Vicory Chateau Thierry - clear pink
Walter Faxon - shell pink
William F. Turner - dark crimson with blackish sheen

Single Peonies
Angelus - very large even light pink
Clairette - large pale pink buds opening to pure white, silky texture
HElen - dark shell pink
Krinkled White - tulip shaped crinkled with strong stems
L-Etincelante - cupped bright pink with silvery border, stiff stems, good foliage
Luella Shaylor - creamy white
Mischief - choice ink
Perle Blanche - white
President Lincoln - choice - nice red will become very popular when better known
Red Warrior - dark red
Silver Cup - silvery white
The Bride - pure white
Vera - dark maroon
White Swan - purest white, one of the most charming of the single type

Japanese Peonies
Ama-No-Sode - rose pink
Break O' Day - choicest rose-red
China Maid - lovely pink
Fuyajo - dark purplish crimson tipped pink
King of England - dark red
Nippon Beauty - one of the best dark reds
Nippon Gold - purest golden yellow, crinkled center petals
Prairie Afire - fine dark pink

Peony Species & Specie Hybrids
Anomala, EEE - cut leafed single purplish red
Mlokosewitschi, LL, - single pale yellow, very scarce
Officinalis alba plena  EE - large double pure white
Officinalis Lobata Otto Frobel EE - bright orange red
Officinalis rosea plena EE - very choice double pure dark pink, has cut leaves like all other of this species
Officinalis rubra plena EE - double bright red of grandmothers garden
Tenuifolia laciniata EE - the single blossom fern-leaf peony in clear crimson, has 3 rows petals but still single blossom type
Tenuifolia latifolia EE - single fern-leafed red