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  • Quality guaranteed

  • Fresher, longer lasting buds with minimal handling.

  • Prime mature buds, delivered to your door within days of

  • One set price with freight included.

  • Ships in May through June

  • Participants of the program are given priority over individual
Wholesale seasonal
discount program
Contact us
during the months of
March/April for this
(pre-season) limited
time offer.
From the Farm Difference

We cut our buds at nature's
peak rate
to ensure you
receive buds that open within
24-48 hours. Fresh cut from
the field delivered within days
increases longevity for vase
life and florist storage.

Commercial growers cut in a
tight bud stage
with only a
trace of color visible. Hard
buds can be unreliable to
open. As well transport from
overseas increases the buds
exposure to handling and time
decreases vase life