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PRESERVATION of anemone and out of circulation peonies.  A long-term project of ours.  
Our farm originated over 70 years ago, initially as "The Worlds Largest Iris Farm" per the 1950's catalog.  During this time frame the
grower created two "show gardens" of unique peony varieties that were collected from various locations nationally and internationally.  
These show garden varieties still exist on the farm.   Below you will find a sampling of images from these gardens.

As with the Iris industry, when new varieties of iris's were created the original varieties were no longer essential and over the long term
became extinct.  According to the Peony Society this transition has also occurred within the peony industry.   This long term side project
for us is about identifying and preserving these older anemones and show flowers that are out of circulation and many that have
missing information in the peony registry project.  
Click here for all varieties that existed at the farm in 1951 Catalogue.