Coral Sunset Peony
Wissing / Klehm (USA) 1965

  • Hybrid–Enormous coral colored semi-double flowers. Color changes
    when the flowers mature are equal to 'Coral Charm'.
  • Displays the deepest coral color of all Corals, and is therefore very highly
    regarded. Color resembles the sunset, fragrant
  • Exclusive peony awarded APS Gold Medal in 2003.
  • Large semi-double flowers with a cup form of a marvelous abricot-coral-
    pinky color at the opening The color fades prettily to become finally of a
    nice creamy-yellow tone. The same mature plant bear flowers with many
    different fading stages from all abricot-coral to completely creamy-yellow.
  • Blooms at the beginning of mid-season.
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